Welcome to HikingResearch.com!

HikingResearch.com is for people who love to hike, and want to learn more about the restorative benefits of  spending time in nature, and the impact it has on human health.

I’m Mark Ellison, and I earned my doctorate from North Carolina State University, with my dissertation research focusing on the restorative benefits of hiking in wilderness solitude and the relationship to  job satisfaction. This was the first research on the restorative benefits of hiking and the relationship to the workplace.

This site will have links to research on hiking and articles related to hiking, nature, and human health.

2 thoughts on “Welcome to HikingResearch.com!

  1. Hi Mark, Glad to see you got your doctorate and are doing important work w/ regard to hiking. We met a few years ago i think at Trail Days. My trail name is Ace (tom logsdon from Columbus, Oh) I just finished another 500 mile section of the PCT from Toulumne to I-5 and fully agree with your research. I’m 64 and after 3 weeks as trail got easier heading north i was doing 20 to 25 miles a day with 25 pd pack. I was in middle of a large throu hiker population and really loved the combination of solitude and connection with Nature and the relationship w/ hikers i found when zeroing in towns and at hostels.

    • Hi Ace- It is good to hear from you. Congrats on the 500 mile section of the PCT! Research focused on the benefits of hiking and spending time in nature is growing quickly. Stay tuned.

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