Experiential professional /personal development programs on utilizing nature for improved health, self reflection & leadership development

Many people are disconnected from the natural environment and do not realize the restorative impact that spending time in nature has on health. I facilitate experiential learning programs for professional and personal development designed to help participants utilize the restorative benefits of nature for improved health, self reflection and leadership development.  I completed my doctorate in 2010 at North Carolina State University with my dissertation research focusing on the restorative benefits of spending time in nature.

Programs I have developed include a two day retreat for the Chaplains Residency Program at Carolinas Medical Center; and continuing education programs for Carolinas Medical Center employees and the community, focused on utilizing nature to reduce stress. I also created a three semester hour course on Nature, Environment, and Human Health that I started teaching last fall. Contact me by email if you would like additional information about developing a program for your group or organization.


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